LWRC International - M6 SL (Stretch Lightweight) Rifle

New for LWRCI in 2011 is the M6-SL. The new M6-SL is a replacement for our base model M6 rifle of old. The SL, which stands for, ‘stretch-lightweight’, incorporates everything a shooters needs in a quality lightweight base model rifle. Price and weight were the most important factors when developing the SL. With the M6-SL, LWRCI has brought to the market the lightest factory piston driven rifle to date.?

The SL comes standard with Magpul MOE furniture. A MOE mid-length handguard, MOE stock, and MOE pistol grip provide excellent handling characteristics, while minimizing added weight. The SL utilizes the ‘stretch’ or mid-length piston system, providing a more direct recoil impulse for faster follow-up shots.?

The most distinct feature of the SL is the light contour barrel. The barrel still utilizes LWRCI’s NiCorr surface conversion technology on a cold-hammer-forged barrel, but the barrel is of a smaller diameter to reduce weight. ?

The SL comes standard with the EXO (nickel-boron) plated Advanced Combat Bolt, one piece EXO coated carrier, and the EXO coated enhanced fire control group. The SL also comes standard with a Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed rear sight and a fixed A2 front sight post.?

The SL is a great addition to the LWRCI family of rifles. It provides users with an extremely lightweight rifle that incorporates our patented short-stroke piston operating system, has all of the advanced coatings that make our rifles the best in the world, and does so at an entry level price.?

Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Barrel Length: 16.1" Light Contour Barrel
Weight (unloaded): 6.44lbs (1 lb Less than M6A2)
Length (overall length): 33.7-36.7" (16.1" barrel)
Rate of Fire: Semi-Auto or Select Fire (LE/GOV Only) 800rpm (+/- 100rpm)
Rifling: 1/7" RH (5.56)
Stock: Magpul MOE
Pistol Grip: Magpul MOE
Sights: Daniel Defense 1.5 Rear; Fixed A-Frame Front
Magazine: Magpul 30 rd. PMag (5.56)
Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Hider, 5.56 - 1/2 - 28 TPI


LWRC International - M6 SL (Stretch Lightweight) Rifle
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  • Item #: M6R5B16SL
  • Manufacturer: LWRC International
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